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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Terms and Conditions

1. Order Acceptance Policy. At any given opportunity to accept or decline a Customer's order for any reason, including lack of availability of products, failure by the Customer to fulfill payment terms, or when a item is quoted in an incorrect price due to typographical error (for example, in an advertisement) or error in pricing information. SWC reserves the right to adjust or offset quotations as needed.

2. Conditions of Payment. Terms of payment are within Unless otherwise agreed to by SWC, all orders require a 100\% payment in the point of sale and secured or authorized in a kind of payment accepted by SWC.

3. Measurements. Easy Incremental measuring Instructions can be found on our site at: COMPLETEKITCHENREMODEL.COM. It is the sole responsibility of the client to provide correct measurements.

4. Design. SWC will design according to the customer Provided dimensions. Layout change made after confirmation of delivery will incur a "change order" fee of 5 percent of this entire kitchen cabinet costs, and a restocking fee of 25 percent for any items returned to SWC. Client is responsible for final design and measurements. SWC cannot accept responsibility for the validity of the dimensions used to design a kitchen or any following troubles.

5. Shipments. SWC will Program and confirm delivery Of the Consumer's order 5 days prior to the expected delivery date. The Consumer is responsible to inspect all deliveries for damage or precision. The Customer must notify SWC of any damage or lost and/or incorrect items within 72 hours of receipt of delivery. SWC will not have any obligation for any damage or missing items not reported to it within 72 hours of delivery. SWC may deliver partial orders, in which case Customer will be required to acknowledge delivery and any backorder.

6. All Third Party products are Offered As is, under final sale stipulations. The Consumer may return extra items (excludes third party goods) supplied the return is made prior to installation, without harm. Such things returned will incur a 25\% restocking charge; and all returns could be subject to additional fees for, for example, damage or freight fees. No refunds will be made if the product returned is missing any components or for items not normally carried in stock (i.e., "special order products) or things shipped in third parties. All products will be inspected on return before RMA charge is licensed. All replacement requests should be produced in five days of delivery. Things for replacement and return authorization requests have to be inspected before a replacement can be completed. SWCC is not responsible for alteration or installation of any replacement/exchanged products. Replacement/Return items have to be returned to the SWCC support facility for inspection prior to a replacement item or return authority can be supplied to customer. If an item cannot be returned into the SWCC support center in the time of inspection, a picture of the faulty or damaged product must be supplied alongside reason for return/replacement for inspection and acceptance of replacement. All return items should be returned to the SWCC support facility (6300 Bristol Pike, Levittown PA, 19057). No SWCC product returns will be accepted in alternate showroom places. No alterations will be approved (cutout, drilled, marred, scraped and so on) without the approval of a SWCC customer care representative.

7. Warped Door Policy. Should you feel that you have a Warped door, SWC demands that you perform initial testing to determine the degree of the issue. Remove the door in the cupboard and remove all cosmetic surface knobs and hinges. Please put the door on a completely flat surface. Should you observe a gap between the door and level surface, then measure the distance to determine the total amount of warpage. A door has to be tilted at least 1/4" before it may be considered for replacing (a picture will be required). If the door is warped less than 1/4", the customer agrees to permit a whole hearing and cooling (summer to winter) to allow the door to reach moisture balance.

8. Third Party Products. All third party Revenue are Final and are to be paid in full in the time of sale closure. Third party products are non-refundable or exchangeable. Changes to third party product sales cannot be made after a sale has been completed and mailed to production for processing. Client is responsible for incurring additional costs to any new orders placed as a consequence of discrepancy at a third party product sale. Third party products are void of our lifetime warranty coverage.

9. Cancellations. Customers may cancel orders Without charge in just 5 days of placing an order. Any order cancelled after 5 days but before we confirm delivery will be charged a 5\% re-stocking fee. ORDERS MAY NOT BE CANCELLED AFTER WE HAVE CONFIRMED DELIVERY OF THE PURCHASED ITEMS.

10. Taxes. Buyer shall pay to SWC any and all sales Taxes, excises or other charges upon, or measured by the creation, sale, transportation, delivery or use of this merchandise sold that SWC is required by any national, local or state government to pay or to gather.

11. Warranty. (Not Relevant to any third party Product lines .) SWC warrants to the first consumer purchaser that all products SWC sells ("SWC Products") to be used in a private residence will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for as long as he/she owns the home in which the SWC Products are initially installed. This guarantee is expressly limited to replacement or repair of the defective component in SWC's discretion, and doesn't include the expense of replacement or removal. This warranty doesn't cover countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, backsplashes, flooring, etc., or the costs, such as labor, to remove and reinstall such things and associated components such as fittings, appliances, etc.. This guarantee shall become void if the cabinets are in any way modified, improperly installed or damaged during setup, and does not cover damage resulting from normal wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse, dirt, water, tampering, unreasonable use, negligence, acts of God, exposure to extreme temperatures, or mowing completed or attempted by unauthorized service agencies, or for units which have been used for commercial purposes. If a warranty claim is filed after a SWC product becomes obsolete, SWC reserves the right to replace the affected component with a new component of the same style.